Illegal Immigrants’ Civil Rights

November 4, 2011

Political Theory

The United States of America is a country composed of many different ethnicities.  This is due to the fact that our country is made up of a multitude of immigrants from all over the world.  With the massive amount of immigration, the United States is faced with a serious illegal immigrant problem.  Illegal immigrants are considered a “problem to society” and our governments are taking actions to control the borders of our country.  This problem is widespread in regards to the Mexico US border.  Many Mexicans have subtly avoided authorities and found their way into the US.  Many of these people barely survive in poverty and the job opportunities in the states would allow them to support their families.  While many of these people have valid reasons for sneaking into the United States, their illegal immigrant status is a problem for many Americans.

            With the constant flow of illegal immigrants in and out of the country, government officials have yet to provide society with a solid approach to the issue.  With this in mind, the government has one more issue they have to deal with in regards to illegal immigrants. 

Should the United States government grant illegal immigrants civil rights if they are unjustifiably living in the country?

            This dilemma is very controversial.  On the one hand, illegal immigrants are humans so we should fundamentally respect their civil rights (freedom of speech, protection from discrimination, etc.).  At the same time, illegal immigrants are not considered citizens of the United States and do not pay taxes like everyone else is required to do.  If one were to look at the issue from the perspective of earning civil rights, illegal immigrants should not be granted their respective civil rights.  Citizens of the United States of America have requirements they must meet in order to retain their rights as a citizen.  Since illegal immigrants do not have to follow any requirements, do they deserve to have fundamental civil rights?

            My opinion on the subject is that many illegal immigrants are positively contributing to our country.  While some may contribute to the drug and crime problems in our societies, illegal immigrants are people too.  There is no reason why we shouldn’t give them basic civil rights.  If the government had the ability to take immigrants’ rights, they would have the power to take away rights from any specific group of people.  This places way too much power in the hands of the government.

            With all of this considered, the issue of illegal immigration is not going to go away anytime soon.  The massive border between the US and Mexico coupled with the numerous travelers coming in and out of America fuel the influx of illegal immigrants.  America is an overarching illusion of unlimited possibilities for immigrants.  The opportunity and money available in the United States is the reason why all of these people are trying to live there.

            Does anyone have any opinions/advice on how the government should handle this overwhelming issue of illegal immigration?



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