A message from Mitt Romney About Rick PErry

November 5, 2011

Political Theory

While reading the New York Times, I came across an articles that has to deal with current rivals, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Mr. Romney paid for automated phone messages to Iowans that assert he Texas governor is for illegal immigration.
This main attack shows us that Romney still views Perry as a threat for votes in Iowa. Iowa holds its caucuses on January 3rd and is the first in the nation. All of this has to deal with the current polls so the Perry campaign is hoping for a strong showing in Iowa and South Carolina, while it is already known that Romney is far ahead in the the polls in New Hampshire.
A local Arizona sheriff stated that this recorded tape said that, “Rick Perry is part of the illegal immigration problem.” He continues to talk about how almost all of Arizona wants a border fence, along with not offering illegal immigrant in-state tuition. Rick Perry not only disagrees with a border fence but he was the one who signed the bill to make Texas the first state in the nation to grant student tuition discounts to illegal immigrants.

These kind of campaign tactics make one think: Is it ok to spread slander about an opposing candidate for campaign votes? Also is it alright to try to sway votes in order to help yourself while hurting others?



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