Israel- Time to Act

November 5, 2011

Political Theory

While I was in bed this morning I decided to watch the news for a change. What was being talked about made me very nervous. Bill O’reily of fox news was talking about the current situation Israel. Right now Israel is in a very bad position and may have to strike against Iran. According to Iran’s officials, they are very close to building the nuclear weapons that they have been talking about having for years. In addition to talking about making these nuclear weapons, Iranian officials have said numerous times that they plan to use them against Israel. If Iran is to follow up on this plan, Israel would be wiped off the face of the earth. This is why it is so important for Israel to take actions now by launching a preemptive strike against Iran. President Obama has not made much progress in reaching an agreement between Israel and Iraq, so now Israel must fend for itself and launch an attack in order to survive. The current situation that Israel is in now is very similar to the one right before the 6 day war in 1967, when Israel was forced to attack Egypt. If Israel had not attacked, it probably would have lost the war and its statehood.
Right now Iran is Israel’s biggest threat. Not only do Iran’s officials say that they want to bring about the destruction of Israel, but also they also strongly support Hamas and Hezbollah which are anti-Israel militant groups. Fortuneatly Israel has an arsenal of weapons itself. Israel recently developed a missile that can reach Iran carry a nuclear warhead. In order to survive Israel must use this weapon very soon.

Over the past few days there has been a tremendous amount of debate going on in the Knesset (Israeli parliament) about what to do in order to remain a nation. The majority of representatives seem to favor a preemptive strike which Israel will most likely carry out. If the two countries go to war it will change this world forever. hopefully Iran and Israel can reach some sort of agreement before it gets to late and the bombs start to fall.

Despite all the controversy regarding these two countries, what would philosopher Thomas Hobbes think about this? He believes that humans need absolute sovereignty and complete leadership is the right thing. But clearly the situation in Israel and Iran is very important and the absolute leaders of both countries are not helping. Iran’s dictator believes in the destruction of Israel as a country, and the citizens completely agree with them. This is the flaw with a full dictator. Hobbes would have thought that by having one person lead his country, it helps the rest of society function well. But would he agree in the case of Iran? They are openly trying to kill people, and while it might be a consistent thought throughout the country, it does not make it right.



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