You Shouldn’t Hit a Girl!

November 18, 2011

Political Theory

Women have been struggling for equal rights for many years. Women have managed to gain the right to vote, attend the same schools as males, and even work in some of the same jobs as men. However, some things aren’t exactly equal and fair. Women aren’t forced to enlist in the military and some women say that they don’t get the same pay as males doing the same job. I have heard for many years about how women want to be equal to men. They want to be paid the same and they want to be treated the same. I believe that this is not true.  Famous comedian Carolos Mencia said, “If you ask for equality I’ll give it to you. If you tell me you don’t want equality then I’ll give you that too. But don’t do both and mix em’ up. It’s like you women that’s what you do. What do you come out on the news saying?  ‘We want to be treated like equals in the workplace.’ No you don’t. You want to be treated like a woman in the workplace, and you want to get paid like an equal. That’s what you want. Because when men treat you like equals, what do you do? You send us to sensitivity training, bitch. That’s what you do.” (–women-in-the-workplace)

Carlos Mencia

Is this fair? According to what Mencia is saying, women want equality in their salaries, but they want special treatment in the workplace. Getting back to the What do you think Rawls would say about the fairness of this? He himself says that freedom and equality require fairness. If this isn’t fair than is the U.S. not a free and equal country? According to the U.S. government, women don’t have to enlist in the military when they turn 18, but men do. I personally am all for women being on the frontline of combat serving their country, but I haven’t heard anything about a huge protest against this. Women have claimed for years that they want to be treated equally, but they don’t seem to want to 100% equal. If they did then I think that they should be treated as such and forced to enlist in the military.

She looks pretty tough to me

Some may argue that women just aren’t naturally as strong as men or they’re too emotional for battle, but there it is again, special treatment. Like Mencia said, if you want equality I’ll give it to you, but if you don’t want equality I’ll give you that too, just don’t mix them up. All I’m asking for is women as a whole to decide which it is. I personally try to treat every man and woman the same, which raises a minor question I have. Do you think it is all right for a man to hit a woman if she had attacked him first? I know the old saying is you shouldn’t hit a girl, but think about that statement, is it fair? Should I say that a woman is equal to me, but treat her like she isn’t?



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5 Comments on “You Shouldn’t Hit a Girl!”

  1. srbarron Says:

    As I woman, I do hope for equal rights, treatment, and pay. If a woman wants to fight, she should be and is allowed to do so. I don’t see it fair that women are paid less than men for doing the same jobs or are prohibited from gaining rank in many companies because of the glass ceiling above our heads. I think it is partially because people like you who posted this, do not believe women should have the same opportunities and rise in their careers. An example of this is in the presidential election. Both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were stopped from achieving their positions because men didn’t give them the same chance. Yes it can be argued that it was because of their policies and the way they handled the press, but there are definitely some men that didn’t vote for those candidates because they are women. They should be given a fair opportunity to achieve success as their male counterparts.

    Additionally, many men are being granted paternity leave when their wife has a baby. They are given this time off that traditionally only women were given post-labor. It is one thing for the woman who has just endured the pain of giving birth to want time off and to be with her child, and it is understandable that men would like to be with their family as well. But why should men be given these extra privileges yet the rights that traditionally face men are not given to women?

    • godzillagti Says:

      Just to clarify I strongly believe that women should get equal pay. Also the no draft idea would also be great.

  2. leannaprairie Says:

    Another thought: you say that if women want to be treated as equals, that they should be forced to enlist. Well what if no one were forced to enlist? I believe that would be fair, not to mention it would only make it more patriotic when someone elects to join the military of their own will.

    Even if there were no draft/mandatory enlistment, I’m sure we would still have more than enough people who wanted to fight for our country.

  3. mrau188 Says:

    There is a few different responses to your question that you have asked us but a more independent answer that would make us both equal in all aspects of life. There was a similar post up here about a week and a half ago and I wrote about how women are favored in divorces that involve children, and I feel situations like this are similar because they are still considered to be the victims of the situation even though they are the ones that are causing the problem. We need to make our world into either a place where we treat women with the utmost respect or we just let them know how we truly do care about them because of the actions that we take against them. I believe that we can make a true difference when it comes to the ability to treat women with respect. Treat them kindly but they are not the same as men they should be compensated differently.

  4. ymsyed Says:

    I do not believe that godzillagti is trying to undermine the equal rights of women. I think he is simply trying to highlight the discrepancy that exists in society today regarding gender equality. While I do not believe that women expect to be treated differently in the workplace with equal pay to their male counterparts, I do find it interesting that equality is fought over at certain instances and not others. The draft is a good example of where inequality exists, yet neither women nor men ask to be equal. In my opinion, godzillagti was simply trying to shed light on this predicament.

    I think that this post brings to light a very interesting issue: What is equality exactly? How do gender roles play into equality? We discussed in lecture that equality is having equal access to all opportunities; how far from this ideal state of equality are we today? Is it “fair and equal” to make male enrollment in the draft law and not for females? How do we measure how far we are from this ideal state of equality?

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