Urban Meyer to Ohio State…Dirty Hands?

November 28, 2011

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Today I woke up and turned on my television to find that it is official, Urban Meyer Is going to be the next head coach at Ohio State. Urban Meyer is arguably one of the most successful coaches that college football has ever seen. Taking teams that were nothing and making them into national contenders. He took a Bowling Green team that couldn’t play itself out of a cardboard box, and took them to a bowl game. He took a .500 Utah team and went undefeated and won the fiesta bowl. He then went on to dominate the SEC and took Florida to the National Championship twice, in 2006 and 2008, bringing the trophy back to Gainsville. After six extremely successful seasons at the University of Florida he resigned stating that health was his main reason for leaving the job behind. He said he could not hold up the responsibilities of being a coach and having a family in a healthy matter. But isn’t it interesting that just a year later he is accepting his new head coaching job at Ohio State.

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Ohio State is one of the most cherished college football programs and and being its coach is an elite job, even though they are currently undergoing investigations from the NCAA regarding allegations that came up this past summer about players selling memorabilia for tattoos. Jim Tressel resigned and Ohio State has had thus far a very disappointing season. Meyer who has been working for ESPN as an analyst since his departure from Florida was a top candidate. But why would he even want to be coaching and accept another coaching job just one year after he left his last job due to the fact that he didnt think it was good for his health anymore. This is where my issue of dirty hands comes to play. 

The issue of dirty hands is prevalent in everyone’s daily lives whether it be bending the rules a little bit to get something done or scheming to make something happen. Urban Meyer grew up a huge Ohio State fan and always has seen leading the Buckeyes as a dream coaching job. However he was locked in with a contract at Florida and had no intentions of leaving a place where he had been rather successful. Coaches together form a close bond and much can stay between them, whether it be the recruiting violations that they have blundered and swept under the rug, or problems that they are having with certain players and how to deal with said issues. I personally believe that Urban had some idea of what was going on at Ohio State prior to his announcement that he was going to leave the University of Florida. His innate timing cannot go without moral questioning. How can someone that says he has severe health problems from coaching leave a school just to be picked up a mere 350 days later. It just doesn’t happen. Urban Meyer is a person of interest that we can be looking at for a case of dirty and is a prime example of a person who took advantage when he knew some inside information.

Now my Question to you is will Urban Meyer be successful at Ohio State? Does his leaving of Florida and signing at a new school less than a year later, call for a case of dirty hands, did he know something that we all didn’t know about Tressel and the Buckeyes? 




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26 Comments on “Urban Meyer to Ohio State…Dirty Hands?”

  1. ymsyed Says:

    I personally do not believe that Urban Meyer had any idea that Tressel had been letting NCAA violations slide, and that he knew that Tressel would be fired as a result. I also find it unfair for us to accuse him of such.

    Meyer, I had thought, simply needed a break from college football. He wasn’t able to balance is work life and his private life and his health was deteriorating as a result. I personally believe that one year is plenty of time to recuperate from this and reflect on what one would do differently in the future if given a similar opportunity.

    Because of this, I do not believe that this is a case of dirty hands. I do not see any questionable actions being committed to reach a greater good. I do, however, find it somewhat ironic and unfair that Ohio State ended up better after firing Tressel. After committing multiple violation, they now sit with a coach that is arguably better than the one that they had before (who was pretty good, by the way).

    Meyer will most definitely bring the program to national prominence (of course not to the level of Michigan).

  2. bonannianthony Says:

    I find it hard to believe that Urban Meyer would have had “insider” information into the NCAA probe into Jim Tressel and the tattoo incident. Overall, Urban Meyer is, from what I can see, a stand up guy who is an excellent football coach. I don’t think him getting hired is an incident of dirty hands. I find the marriage between OSU and Meyer to be a good one. Meyer wanted to get back into coaching and OSU desperately needed a winning coach. So they both wanted each other and now they are together. Personally, I think this hire will put OSU back into immediate contention for the Big Ten next year, if not for more. With Meyer’s Florida connection and OSU being such a huge powerhouse in the state recruiting will become a breeze and it won’t take long for the Buckeyes to return to national prominence. I guess the only thing I feel bad for in this situation is how Luke Fickell and his staff got treated throughout the whole ordeal, that is what OSU officials should be ashamed of not hiring a top notch coach.

  3. carweiss Says:

    While there is no counter-argument to the fact that OSU is a very successful program, I don’t think Urban Meyer would have wanted to leave his success at Florida for OSU. Although he does have ties to OSU, his Florida team was so successful and I truly believe that he left due to health concerns. When he released his statement in regards to the rumors and said that he misses the sport of football, I find truth in that statement. Furthermore, I think that if Meyer could have seen his future – how he could balance his health and football – he would have stayed at Florida. I know the timing of his departure is questionable as they lost their top players and their program has since fallen, Meyer is an excellent coach and would have continued to build the Florida program. I think Meyer will go on to continue to be an excellent coach at OSU which poses big threats to our growing Michigan team. His recruiting skills are outstanding and his ability to train and create superstars is scary. However, I think Meyer will restore the real rivalry which is Michigan and OSU as two great coaches continue to battle.

  4. ngamin1614 Says:

    Eh, I don’t think it was dirty hands. I honestly do not think he knew anything about the buckeyes and their cheating, he just took advantage of his dream school giving him a job offer. Let me say this though, Urban Meyer is not who Ohio State needs right now. Currently, Ohio State is in big trouble with the NCAA and has committed several violations. Urban Meyer literally had more players arrested (I think it was about 30) than all-americans while he was at Florida. Personally, I think that Ohio State should pick a coach that they know would run a clean program, not possibly recruit players that could cause some troubles in the future. But it’s all about winning I guess, and I’m thinking Ohio State believes that Urban Meyer gives them the best chance to win. Hey, perhaps that’s where the dirty hands come into play. Ohio State is hiring a coach that has had several players arrested for the purpose of winning. Who knows? I’m just typing out my thoughts as they come to me, so this may not end up being coherent.

    By the way, I think he will not be successful at Ohio State just because Brady Hoke will dominate him every year

  5. ywjpeter Says:

    I do not think he knew of any of the violations of Tressel’s or Ohio State players NCAA violations. I don’t think it is a case of dirty hands but rather Urban Meyers seizing a chance that may not be open for a while again.

    He may have had a lot of health problems and family issues he had to deal with but I think in this case it is up to him to decide whether or not he is ready to retake a coaching position. He should make the judgement call himself but in no case I feel as though this can be a dirty hands problem. Whether we can definitely know for sure if he didn’t have any extra information will be questionable but I think Urban Meyer just saw an opportunity to coach a storied program and a place he wanted to go to and took it.

    Whether he’ll be successful is a whole new topic. I think he’ll rather be more successful than not but I think our Michigan team is forming into a top competitor and a rising program once again and is being restored to its once prominent stage. Urban Meyer is a great coach though and I have great respect for him but our wolverine’s will always take the upper hand! (let’s be real no ones going to say Meyer is going to be more successful than Michigan in this blog!)

    So dirty hands? I think not, but it will be something that needs to be further investigated and full details need to be known, but I have no reasonable doubt to believe he had any extra information.

  6. blogger32 Says:

    For something to be an issue of Dirty Hands, it must be a situation where someone is knowingly harming a group of people while doing something that they feel is more beneficial as a whole. In this situation, it’s very clear to me that there is no dirty hands involved. Urban Meyer left Florida one year ago, because of stress and health related issues. This is true, but the MAIN reason he said he left Florida was so that he could spend more time with this three children, two of which were graduating high school and moving on to college.

    To think that Urban Meyer knew about everything that would transpire at Ohio State is simply silly. It was not until MONTHS after Meyer left Florida that the whole tattoo parlor incident and subsequent suspensions of Devier Posey and Terrelle Pryor took place…not to mention the firing of legendary head coach Jim Tressel. Why on earth would a coach like Urban Meyer who already had one of the 5 best programs in the country want to leave Florida to come to a school that would and still does face many NCAA sanctions while also losing their two best players to suspensions/the NFL? In this case, I think the only issue of dirty hands is that Urban Meyer convinced us all that he wanted to be a true family man, and spend more time with his children as they began to grow up, only to leave them after 1 year to take over at Ohio State. I’m not a father, but I’m pretty sure you can’t spend just 365 days with your kids and think you’ve made up for the 10+ years that you spent coaching football.

    Lastly, when looking at the question of whether Urban Meyer will be successful at OSU, the answer is clearly yes. Meyer is one of the most respected coaches in college football, and is notoriously known to be a fantastic recruiter. Additionally, he will have all the support he could ask for from the OSU athletic department, not to mention he has ties to recruiting in the midwest from his days at Bowling Green. Lastly, after what the Maize & Blue did to the Buckeyes on Saturday, I’m sure that the players already on the roster and the new recruits coming in will be anxious to help bring OSU back to national contention.

  7. JustinMandeltort Says:

    No case of dirty hands in this situation. Urban Meyer retired from florida for his health and his family. He stated many times that the 24/7 hustle of being a head coach interrupts family life, and didn’t give him a chance to be with his family and kids. He retired because he wanted to spend time with his family, go to his daughters volleyball games and see his son play baseball, like any normal person or father would want to. Florida was a great job, he loved it there and wasn’t retiring because he knew that possibly the Ohio State head coaching job would be vacant. He retired and had planned on staying retired for a decent amount of time, but when your dream job opens up you can’t just sit back and watch it go to someone else. Urban Meyer is a great coach who deserves a job like this, hopefully for our sake it doesn’t work out though.

  8. Matthew Bernstein Says:

    I do not think this is an issue of dirty hands, but it does bring up a moral dilemma: did Urban Meyer lie to officials at the University of Florida about his health in order to get out of his contract? Granted, I do not believe that he knew anything more than the next person about what was going on at Ohio State with Jim Tressel. However, if it weren’t for the job opening at Ohio State, would Meyer have just waited until the next attractive coaching position opened up (he had publicly stated while at Florida that his two dream jobs were OSU and Notre Dame)?

    The everyday grind of college football is taxing on one’s mind and body, as it is a 24/7 job year-round, and I do feel as if Meyer was starting to feel this tax on his health. He smartly stepped down to help himself out and spend more time with his family. Now, things worked out well for Meyer and OSU, leaving Florida questioning whether Meyer gave it his all while he was there, or if he copped out just a few years too early.

    (Regardless of who their coach is, Brady Hoke will find a way to beat that school in Ohio.)

  9. aclieb Says:

    First of all, as much as it pains me to say, I do believe Urban Meyer will be successful at Ohio State. He’s a top tier coach who’s had proven success as a head coach in college football. As far as dirty hands goes, I do not believe this is a case of it. Maybe I’m naive, but I believe Meyer was feeling a little overwhelmed by being a head coach and being a family man. After some time off from coaching and an offer from one of the prominent coaching positions in college sports, I just feel like it was a logical decision for him. I don’t think anything shady went down here. I don’t think he knew anything about the scandal, I think he knew everything the general public did. His intention was to remain retired, but like the previous comment said, this was his dream job. Meyer is from Ohio and he wasn’t going to pass up a chance to coach that team.

  10. cobyj17 Says:

    I don’t think this really demonstrates a case of dirty hands. However, there are interesting points to consider. While I do believe that Meyer left Florida for legitimate health reasons, it is curious as to why he is returning to coaching so soon. From a Florida player’s point of view, I would feel deceived. Meyer’s actions make it seem as if he prefers the Ohio St. job to that at Florida, and thus getting this job outweighs his health concerns.

    Furthermore, I would be somewhat cautious as an Ohio St. player about to play for Meyer. What has changed in the 350 days that now allows Meyer to coach? Will he be able to commit to the program for the long-term as is necessary to build a college football program? It is also less likely that Meyer’s players will play as well if they do not feel that he is fully committed to this team. If Meyer proves his devotion to his new program and adresses concerns about his sabbatical, he will be successful.

  11. rfieds Says:

    I do not think that there is a case of dirty hands here. Dirty hands implies that a person of office commits actions that are considered immoral or wrong, yet ultimately benefit the wellbeing of the nation or community. Furthermore, I think that Hollis and Machiavelli would agree that this is simply speculation and does not at all represent an issue of dirty hands.
    In this situation, I do not think Urban Meyer had done anything ethically or morally wrong in attempt to benefit a greater good. I do not think that Urban Meyer had any previous insider information about Tressel and NCAA allegations. To assume that Meyer had previous information would be wrong and naive. There is no evidence or even rumors that he had know anything. However, there was clearcut evidence that Meyer left Florida for legitimate health reasons. Now, he feels as if his health is good enough to return to coaching. He now sees the potential to turn around a struggling Ohio State Football program. That being said, I do not think he will succeed at OSU.

  12. adamstillman2011 Says:

    I don’t think that this constitutes a dirty hands problem. The way that I interpreted these readings was that a dirty hands problem is the situation when an individual does something immoral that furthers the greater interest of the state. In this case Urban Meyer was not doing anything to further the interest of the state. He is not a government leader. I think that this move reflects a self interested move. Meyer did what was best for his own self interest, and he didn’t do anything immoral. I listened to an interview with him and he said that he left Florida because of health reasons, he did not commit a major crime or kill anyone to get this job. This is not a situation of dirty hands.

  13. ndreynolds864 Says:

    Urban Meyer is a very respected coach in college football but calling his leaving of Florida to “retire” and go coach Ohio State a year later after claiming all these health and family problems I don’t think qualifies as a case of dirty hands. Nobody realized that yes he did have health concerns but none were extreme enough that doctors advised him to stop coaching it was his own choice. Most people close to Meyer said that it was stress from coaching that caused him physical pain and also caused family issues. Before Meyer signed his contract today his daughter forced him to sign a contract with the family saying that he would balance his time between coaching and family better. So I think this was just Meyer needing a break to get his priorities straight and just good timing on the part of the Ohio State scandal.
    As for the part of how will Ohio State fair as Meyer as the head coach, I think he will be successful but to say he will win like he did at Florida is a sin. His first national championship was won with Ron Zook’s players that he inherited and after this they only time he could win was if Tim Tebow was on his game. When Tebow was off his game and when Tebow was gone they couldn’t win. After Tebow went to the NFL the spread offense in the NCAA started to die as can be seen with Rich Rodriguez at Michigan. The spread is good in theory but when you play SEC defenses they just push the small, fast players around. We should continue to recruit the best players and hopefully continue to beat the Buckeyes in the future.

  14. benjadler Says:

    I do not believe Urban Meyer had any inside information on Ohio State during these NCAA violations. Many coaches also need to take a break every once and a while to recharge and spend time with their families while making good money as an ESPN analyst on the side (look at St. John’s basketball coach Steve Lavin). However, there is no denying the fact that Urban Meyer has strong ties to OSU and it is, in fact, his dream job. Therefore, I would not be surprised that he left Florida for 1 year to rest up to be ready to go to OSU. He therefore, could have been dirtying his hands for his own personal benefit by leaving Florida (doing something bad) to get ready to go to OSU (something personally good).
    With all of that being said, since he is now an OSU buckeye, he is therefore the scum of the earth. So not only his hands, but his entire body is filthy scum. Go Blue!

  15. bmauto21 Says:

    Urban Meyer is a liar. He claims that he wishes to retire due to personal health, and to spend time with his family but little over a year later he decides to return to football. After all these scandals that Ohio State’s football program endured, they are able to come back after one year thanks to Meyer’s football genius. He is a hypocrite. He says one thing but means another. That is why he is a part of this “dirty hands” idea. Especially attending school at Michigan makes me hate Urban Meyer all the more, but he is without a doubt playing with dirty hands. There is no doubt that he will restore OSU’s football program to its former glory but now he has to take on Brady Hoke in the biggest game of the year every year. He is without a doubt going to be successful at Ohio State, but it is through the use of dirty hands. I’m sure that after OSU’s scandal last year and the firing of Jim Tressel, that Meyer was contacted immediately. OSU had no choice but to start a search for the next head coach with the most experience, and they were gunning for Urban Meyer after they heard about his retirement and finally the pieces have fallen into place in OSU’s favor.

  16. emmaschneider11 Says:

    While I think that Urban Meyer signing a deal as OSU’s new coach is STUPID, I do not think it is an issue of dirty hands.

    The problem of dirty hands entails committing a bad act to bring about a greater good, and I don’t believe that this situation really fits into that problem. While some (including myself) would say that signing a new contract less than a year after leaving coaching is a bad decision it is not really a malignant action aimed at bring about a greater good.

    I personally don’t think that Meyer knew anything about the NCAA violations at OSU. Even if he did I am not sure this would be a case of dirty hands. If he was allowing the violations to continue in order to eventually bring about good things for him, then that is a selfish act and not an act aimed at the greater good, so it is not dirty hands. I think perhaps maybe Meyer retired and afterward saw an opportunity to coach one of his favorite teams, or to uphold his reputation for turning failing teams into thriving teams.

    I can’t quite understand how Meyer left coaching in order to spend more time with his family and protect his health, only to return less than a year later. I feel he is being selfish and not a very good family man. Hopefully that bad karma will come back to get him with a horrible season for his new team.

  17. Michael Wagner Says:

    Im not sure that the instance of Urban Meyer deciding to return to football constitutes a case of Dirty Hands. The Dirty Hands problem implies the a regard toward the greater good or, Urban Meyer acting for the benefit of the public (or a public) but resorting to “dirty” measures in order to complete the task at hand. The only benefit might be to the Ohio state public, but that would imply that Urban meyer was planning on coaching for Ohio State before he left Florida. This is obviously not the case because Jim Tressel was under no scrutiny at that time.

    Additionally, Urban meyer didn’t necessarily resort to “dirty” measures in order to become the head coach of Ohio State. Yes, he left the NCAA and returned within 350 days, but the choice to spend time with his family and take time for his personal health is not dirty, nor illegitimate. In order to conclude that Meyer’s actions were an example of the dirty hands problem would be to assume that he was either lying about his health and desire to be with his family, or in cahoots with Ohio State University administration and had planned for the OSU shakedown that led to Jim Tressel’s resignation, or both. I find none of these scenarios plausible given that there is no even circumstantial evidence to imply so.

    That being said, i personally don’t think Urban Meyer meant ill will in leaving Florida, nor do I think his actions are dirty. I also think OSU will continue to lose to the Wolverines in the coming years, despite their new coach. Go Blue!

  18. jrsmyth177 Says:

    First off I would like to say that I love how most people HATE this guy now. The author brings up a very interesting point that I even thought about today. Mark Dantonio, the Michigan State football coach, had serious heart problems. Everyone questioned whether or not he could return. It took the guy two weeks to get back on the sideline. Now Urban may have had some bad health issues, but at the same time if Dantonio was able to fight out a very serious issue why couldn’t Urban? Why did everything in Urban Meyer’s life suddenly become perfect after his ugly resignation a year ago? I honestly thought the same thing as the author. Maybe Urban knew what was going on and knew that he could could finally have his dream job. Although this assumption is tough to prove i do believe it is a possibility. Last year, the Ohio State scandals and the resignation of Meyer were announced in December, and were not too far apart. It is possible that Meyer heard of these scandals and made up an excuse to leave Florida so he could coach at Ohio.

    Although this may be tough to do, one might say that this action benefits the Buckeye Nation. Urban did something immoral by lying to the Florida faithful in order to benefit his favorite school, Ohio State. He basically left a national powerhouse in a lonely state. They lost a great coach that led them to national titles. Now Florida must rebuild from his mess, while Urban is now going to bring Ohio State back to national recognition, as most people believe. As I have said, these assumptions are hard to prove, but I am just trying to pull out some possibilities.

    As much as it pains me to say this, I do think Urban will be successful every year, until he has to face Brady. As we have all seen Brady absolutely hates that school from Ohio and all of his players know that. Brady will find a way to win, but I do think Brady and Urban will have some great battles.

  19. alexwillard Says:

    This is not a justifiable issue of dirty hands. I know this comment may be rehashing a lot of ideas already presented in the comments, but in order for it to be an issue of dirty hands he must be doing something that is considered bad to get the end goal of something good for the public not strictly for himself. I understand that he can be viewed as a strategic amoralist but since it is only for himself and not others I do not see this as an issue with the public, rather one of seizing opportunity strictly for himself. Furthermore, I do not see Meyer as a scheming genus who knew about what was going on at Ohio state and “decided” to have heart issues because he knew that Jim Tressel would be forced to step down. From what I can gather, his heart issues were real. Its not like people get rushed out to the hospital merely for an elaborate plot to get out of your contract. If Michigan could buy out Rich Rod’s contract at WVU, Ohio State could easily have bought out Urban Meyer’s at UF. So I don’t really think he is the manipulating liar that part of the media makes him out to be.

  20. Jack Says:

    This is a very interesting scenario. I never thought that it could be an issue of Dirty Hands but then again I never knew that Urban Meyer actually grew up an Ohio fan. It is true that Urban Meyer had success with every team that he has coached for and he was probably very confident coming to Ohio. In this way, he probably believed that if he coached there it would be in the best interest of the team. Crazily enough, this could actually be an issue of Dirty Hands.

    It has not been confirmed that Meyer knew anything about the situation in Ohio with Tressel and the paid players. If this is true, then it is not an issue of Dirty Hands because he would not have knowingly “made the best decision for his people (OSU)”. On the other hand, if he knew that this problem was out coming and that Tressel was probably going to lose his job and leave a vacancy for another coach, and he knew that he was the best man for the job, it could easily be an issue of Dirty Hands. He took the heat by retiring at Florida to come to Ohio because he knew that he would be doing the best thing for the university.

    In terms of success, I think Meyer will have a lot of it. Ohio is big football school and a lot of students will want to come there. However, I do not think that he will win a National Championship. The two that he won with Florida were with the previous coach’s recruits. Ohio does not have its best talent right now unlike Florida who started with an enormous amount of talent. Also, in Meyer’s first year with all recruits of his, the Gators went 7-5. GO BLUE.

  21. amandel12 Says:

    While it is truly upsetting to officially see Urban Meyer accept the head coaching job at Ohio State, I don’t feel that this is a prevalent example of Dirty Hands. While it is contradictory of Meyer to accept a new head coaching job just one full year after claiming to retire for good for health reasons, he was instructed by doctors to step aside from coaching after his scare in 2009. Meyer, known by the athletic community as a truly warm and generous man loved the Gator community and kept them close for years. Meyer’s health has been steadily improving since his scare and when someone is offered their dream job, it’s very hard to turn down. I think Urban Meyer will sadly be very successful at Ohio State because of his ability to run the spread offense and great recruiting skills. Hopefully Brady Hoke is able to out recruit Meyer for years to come, but in my opinion the Michigan vs. Ohio State rivalry is about to become more intense than ever.

  22. wjpetok24 Says:

    Urban Meyer. Dirty Hands. Synonymous terms. Why? Let’s look at what he did. The Buckeyes have replaced one coach who couldn’t tell the truth with another.Meyer’s decision to take over at Ohio State came just 10 months after he said he was leaving Florida to spend more time with his family and to take care of some mysterious health issues. Meyer took a job with ESPN almost immediately after he left UF (so much for the family obligations) and now — after seeing the mess of a program he left behind in Gainesville — it’s becoming more clear what his health issues were: a desire to get out of his contract and flee for the next best job, whenever it came.

    Honestly, if we are talking about football, I understand. So what if Meyer double-talked and backtracked his way out of Florida? The only stat Gator fans should care about is two BCS titles in six years. Coaches are, in many ways, professional manipulators and career opportunists.

    Ohio State is a great job. Meyer is from Ohio. He is a former Buckeye grad assistant. It is a dream job. YET, he did engage into a contract with Florida until the year 2014. It is my belief that Meyer should have understood the capacity of his position as a proxy father, leader, and coach of the young men he recruited at Florida, and his dismissal from that program would have been sincere had he truly stayed away from the game for more than a year. He is 47 years old, he wanted to spend time with his children, yet OSU convinced him otherwise. It is a tricky situation to evaluate, and objectivity for me is pretty hard considering my loyalties to Michigan, nevertheless, Urban and OSU could be argued to have dirty hands to an extent in this situation.

  23. #jasonschwartz Says:

    This is an interesting piece, however, I am confused as to how it can be applied to the principle of dirty hands? Urban meyer has been a great leader for the U of Florida and would have continued to do good things for the program if he had not left. Meanwhile, what wrong doing took place in his leaving the University? he took it from an ok team to a Nation Championship Game. When he left, he gave the team fair notice and did it so that they would still have an opportunity to get their 5 star recruits. He did all of this for health reasons, so he left a team in good standing in order to better take care of himself and his family. There was no wrongdoing here to initialize the ditry hands principle.
    Secondly, when someone is forced to quit something because of reasons other than they want to stop. It can often drive them crazy. for Urban specifically, like you previously said, he was at the top of his game. To all of a sudden leave like that must have been very challenging for him and now that he is back, he clearly couldn’t handle sitting at home and watching every saturday.
    Finally, Him going to Ohio State is bad because now its going to me that much harder for michigan to get top recruits and win the title!!!!

  24. mturner1013 Says:

    I do not think that Urban Meyer had a clue at all what was going on at Ohio State when he resigned at Florida, and nobody, not even the OSU fan base foresaw the firing of Jim Tressel. I don’t think that Urban Meyer’s hands are dirty at all in this situation. He is not making bad decisions that have good consequences. He left Florida for health and family concerns, and he took a year off. He says that in that year he found out how to balance family life and coaching. A coach is who he is, and he could not stand watching other people do what he loves to do. Wether he is telling the truth or not about finding that balance we will find out over the next couple of years. I personally think he always had the goal of ending his career at Ohio State, and would have wanted a few more years off the job, but when this positioned opened up, he knew that he couldn’t turn it down in fear that it wouldn’t open up again in a long time. So I don’t think that Urban Meyer has dirty hands in this situation at all.

  25. arielleshanker Says:

    “But what I didn’t want to have happen, and I made this clear to Jeremy, if I am able to go coach, I want to coach at one place, the University of Florida. It would be a travesty, it would be ridiculous to all of a sudden come back and get the feeling back, get the health back, feel good again and then all of a sudden go throw some other colors on my shirt and go coach. I don’t want to do that. I have too much love for this University and these players and for what we’ve built.” – Urban Meyer

    This quote, stated by Ohio State’s new hire, was said upon retiring from his coaching postion at the University of Florida, only to return to UF the following day, only to retire once again a year later due to supposed health reasons. While there is no doubt that the dollar signs that Ohio State are prescribing seem to be clearing up Meyer’s health problems, I do not believe that this matter is an issue of dirty hands, just an issue of hypocrisy. The problem of dirty hands centers around doing something bad for the good of the group. It means that if we are going to be actors in the public world, it often entails doing some things that we don’t necessarily think are the best, but have positive outcomes. While correct political action must sometimes conflict with profound moral norms, I do not think that Meyer’s decision to come out of retirement to coach for OSU is really for the common good at all. It seems as though him taking on the job is much more for his own personal interest in attaining a higher salary or adding to the coaching legacy that he has created for himself.

    Also, did anyone else find it funny that the new coach’s initials spell out UM? GO BLUE!

  26. bbarocas Says:

    I do not believe that Urban Meyer has dirty hands as a result of the Ohio State scandal. While, I think that he is fake and lost a lot of respect for him over the last two years, I would not go as far as to say that his hands are dirty. I don’t think that there is anyway that he knew what was going on at Ohio State, but rather this opportunity came along and he just could not turn it down. I do believe that in his mind when he left Florida he knew that if he ever got the chance to go to Ohio he would take it. But I do not think that he ever could have imagined it coming this way because of a scandal. Unfortunately, I do believe that Meyer will have a lot of success at Ohio State. He is a very good coach and an even better recruiter. However, I think that Meyer will not have the same success he had with the Gators for several reasons. First, he had some of the best assistant coaches in college football, and it is not likely that he can match that type of staff in Columbus. Also, at Florida he could literally get any recruit he wanted. Who wouldn’t want to go play in the Swamp for what was the best football program in the country in the best conference in America? However, it will be much harder for him to draw all of that Florida and other southern talent up to the cold, unattractive state of Ohio. He will be in for a rude awakening when he cannot handpick his roster from a list of any high school player in the country. The offense that he runs is much better suited for the SEC. While it will work in the Big Ten, Meyer is built for the SEC and had the perfect formula to dominate that conference. In addition, Meyer will never have another player like Tim Tebow. I do question Meyer’s health concerns from last year and wonder if he just couldn’t handle losing and ran out on Florida like a coward. As a Florida fan I know that Gator Nation is completely anti Urban Meyer right now and thinks that he simply bailed on them when the going got tough. The team only won 8 games last year after losing Tebow, but still had a lot of talent and great players and underperformed. He was clearly stressed and very committed to winning and the health issues gave him a good reason to get out. I did think though that at the time it would only be a matter of time before he came back to the sidelines. I am very interested to see how good of a coach Urban Meyer truly is, and whether or not he can make the program as good as Florida was, and do even better than Jim Tressel. In my opinion, the key will be what Urban Meyer does with the Ohio State defense. He is going to get athletes to play in his spread offense, but can he find a top defensive coordinator and recruit the same defensive five stars that he did in Gainesville? If so then the future of the UM-OSU rivalry could be about as good as ever.

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