Iran: What To Do With This Seemingly Out of Control Power

November 29, 2011

Political Theory

Before I begin, I would like to make it clear that I know Iran is very over-discussed in our political arenas. That being said, it is a topic that I feel must be discussed but in a more useful manner, not simply just saying we need to do something about Iran and slapping some sanctions on them.

I was reading this morning and I came across an article concerning a new event occurring in Iran. This morning, Iranian students stormed and trashed the British embassy in Tehran, Iran. From what I have gathered, a nations embassy, for example England’s, on foreign soil is considered to be British soil and any malicious incursions onto that soil is an act of war. This brazen attacking of the embassy is, for all intents and purposes, an act of war on behalf of Iran. The British government immediately condemned these acts, along with the US and UN, and stated that further punishments would follow, but is that really enough? Normally, when an act of war occurs, it is followed by a full-scale war.

Many nations of the world, including the US and Britain, have been enacting embargoes and sanctions on Iran for their nuclear program and other threats they have issued to the world, namely Israel, to no avail. The nuclear program has gone on as planned, for the most part, and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has continued to threaten Israel and call for its destruction. Clearly these sanctions have no effect on the government’s actions and they have said nothing about the students’ storming of the embassy, neither positive nor negative. The government’s seemingly complacent attitude and tacit support of these actions should seem worrisome to world leaders in that there seems to be no limits to what the government will allow to occur in their boarders if they agree with said occurrences.

Is it time to do something more concerning the actions of the Iranian state? John Stuart Mill’s theory on the greatest good for the most people would come into play in this situation because our would might be safer if we take more direct action against Iran and its seemingly out of control actions. Do you think Mill’s theory applies to this context? Do you think Iran is enough of a problem to take serious action against it? Is a war with Iran a necessary step?



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4 Comments on “Iran: What To Do With This Seemingly Out of Control Power”

  1. emmaknev Says:

    I understand that you are unimpressed by the seemingly futile sanctions that countries have put on Iran in response to it’s nuclear program; however, I don’t think that a full fledged war is the best way to approach this problem. While Mill’s theory endorses the greater good, I have to wonder if war is the right way to bring that about. Typically, with war, many innocents die, economies are hurt, and a lot of destruction occurs. We must perform a kind of cost-benefit analysis to see if starting such a war and going through with it is really worth the fight. Currently, Iran has nuclear weapons at its disposal, and no their actions are not favorable. However, they have yet to commit any serious crime concerning these nuclear weapons and while they threaten Israel, they probably won’t do anything about it considering the repercussions they would face if they did. So, I think that declaring war on them would ultimately push them to use their nuclear weapons, perhaps even on Israel, instead of holding back. For this reason, I don’t believe that Britain should declare war on Iran, and instead should find their weakest point and manipulate them into ceasing the nuclear program, as they are currently doing.

    • elotis Says:

      I agree with this comment on several levels. Sanctions from Western countries have done really nothing to stop Ahmadinejad from developing Iran’s nuclear weapons and making statements about how he intends to basically wipe Israel off the map. I believe that it’s time for the US to get tough, but to a certain extent. The threat of a full-scale nuclear war, alone, should be enough for the US to not try and wage a full-fledged war against Iran. However, the world cannot continue to let Iran develop its nuclear capabilities under the leadership of Ahmadinejad. I think much tougher sanctions and an attempt to remove Ahmadinejad from office would be more effective than going to war. While to some extent I believe that Ahmadinejad is all talk and no action, the pictures and news reports of their nuclear weapon development terrifies me. I do not believe that Mill’s theory applies to this situation because there would be no greater good that would come out of nuclear war. It is too much of a risk to innocent lives and the stability of the world to try and go to war with a country that has not technically done anything wrong, yet.

  2. Austin Telling Says:

    The best way to counter Iran is to avoid direct conflict. Many high profile foreign policy experts advocate a hands off approach towards Iran, as provoking them would only ensure a military conflict. Former CIA intelligence officer and head of the Bin Laden Unit Michael Scheuer recently said: “The Iranians are no threat to the United States unless we provoke them. They may be a threat to the Israelis. They‘re not a threat to the United States”.

    Economic sanctions would not be a wise idea, as it would cause great contempt among the Iranian people towards the U.S, and would only create more radicalized enemies.

    I would advocate removing most of our presence from the Middle East, as we can no longer afford the vast military occupations that we are currently in. I feel our economic downturn is more of a threat to our country than a backwards third world country such as Iran.

    I also support letting Israel handle their own problems. They have one of the strongest militaries in the world, and have hundreds of nuclear warheads. We currently hold Israel back, and should give them the sovereignty they deserve. If they want to strike Iran, I would be in full support of that, but America should stay out of it.

  3. lnk72792 Says:

    I think it was completely wrong, obviously, for this act to take place. Some sources believe that it was even government sanctioned. This act should be looked at by the British very seriously, but not as an act of war. That is taking it too far. There is no clear evidence on what exactly the intentions were, and if in fact it was sanctioned by the government. I think that England definitely needs to take some sort of action, I don’t know what exactly though, that can be determined by the politicians. I definitely think that the UN needs to start taking this Iran situation more seriously, and start taking some more initiative.

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