The NBA is finally Back!

December 3, 2011

Political Theory

After long months of negotiation, the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) and the owners have finally made an agreement.  Basketball will have a shorter season but thankfully there is a season in general.  When looking at the months that led to the agreement one can only blame the idea of “Dirty Hands” to blame for such a long lockout. The owners tried to hold out for more of the Basketball related income and because of that, the players did not budge and caused one of the longest lockouts in league history.  Previously under the old collective bargaining agreement, basketball players held 57 percent of the basketball related income (BRI), while under the new one they hold 51.15 percent of the BRI in the 2011-2012 season, and after that they can receive 49-51 percent of the BRI.  This new deal is also for ten years while the league can opt out of it in 2017.  This looks like a clear case of dirty hands, because while the owners think it is better for the whole, they held out and caused plenty of people to be unemployed during the lockout, and were just greedy and wanted to take more money.  This was not for the greater good.  There are many changes between the old CBA and the new one including the revenue split, how much of the revenue is held in escrow (10 percent as opposed to the 8 percent in the old agreement), an amnesty provision so that teams can choose to get rid of a contract that turned out to be worse for there salary cap before the start of any season as opposed to the old CBA which allowed an amnesty provision only before the start of the 2005-06 season.  There are many provisions that they made to this whole CBA.


When looking at the lockout do you think it was caused by the owners and there”Dirty HAnds” ideas, or do you simply think it was in the best interest of the league to have this lockout?



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