Elway vs. Tebow

December 8, 2011

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If you have been following football lately you know about quaterback Tim Tebow for the Denver Broncos. He is 6-1 in the last 7 games after taking over for Kyle Orton. Tebow is known as an incredible motivating and somehow is able to win close games, even if he plays horrible through the first three quarters. Tebow has often shown an inability to throw the ball, which is key for a quarterback. November 13, 2011 Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos won 17-10 over the Kansas city Chiefs. According to http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=311113012 Tebow threw the ball only 8 times while only completing 2 passes. It is almost unheard of for a quarterback to only complete 2 passes and win the game, in fact it has only happened 5 times in the history of the NFL.

John Elway was the quaterback for the Denver Broncos from 1983 to 1999. In his career he won 2 superbowls and set countless records during his career. He was and still is a legend throughout the league. In 2004 he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. With his playing career behind him, Elway is now the Executive Vice President of football operations. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Elway

John Elway has not shied away from saying his opinion about Tim Tebow.

1. “I don’t think Tim Tebow is a good quarterback at this level at this time,” Elway told Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated. http://denver.sbnation.com/denver-broncos/2011/1/8/1923560/john-elway-tim-tebow-denver-broncos

2.“Any closer to feeling if you have your quarterback on this team?”

Elway flatly answered “no.”

“I think obviously [Tebow is] making progress week in and week out. When you look at our third down numbers, those have to improve. I mean, that’s the bottom line,” Elway said. “We can’t go 3-for-13 [on third downs] and win a world championship. Those are the type of things we have to keep improving.” http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/11/21/elway-broncos-are-no-closer-to-finding-quarterback-of-future/


It is clear to see that Elway is not entirely behind his young quarterback. My question is whether Elway should be negative about his quarterback (like he is doing), glorify his quarterback (lie), or not say anything. According to Rawls’ liberty principle Elway can speak his mind as long as it does not violate the rights of Tebow. Is Elways limiting Tebow in anyway by his comments? That comes down to whether or not you believe Elway is saying the comments to attack Tebow or just voicing his opinion.

I think that if anyone had the right to say negative things about Tebow it would be Elway. He is one of the best quarterbacks in history and is in a position of power for the team that Tebow plays on. Elway’s opinion about Tebow is asked in almost every interview that he does and he responds honestly. He is not going to sugar coat the truth for a quarterback that he doesn’t believe in.



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8 Comments on “Elway vs. Tebow”

  1. finkelbr Says:

    First off, Tebow does deserve some praise for what he has done in Denver the past seven games. Going 6-1 as a rookie quarterback is no easy task. Although Tebow does not always get it done gracefully, he gets it done. In my book, a win is a win. I do think that Tebow has been doing a pretty good job with what he has been handed.

    Secondly, I was surprised to hear the way that Elway talked about his young quarterback. I did not think he would be as straight up and honest as he was and I loved it. As I said before, I do think Tebow deserves some praise. However, I do not think it should be over the top nor do I think he deserves to have one of the best quarterbacks to ever play ,behind him after his first seven games. Elway clearly points out the spots where the Denver Broncos need work and states that Tebow needs some work as well. I would not expect Elway to fully believe in Tebow just yet but I do think that with due time and consistency; maybe one day Elway will be praising the young man.

    As you said, “According to Rawls’ liberty principle Elway can speak his mind as long as it does not violate the rights of Tebow”. I do not think that Elway is violating any rights of any kind here. Telling a new reporter that you think an NFL quarterback needs a little work does not count as violating their rights. Elway is not trying to attack Tebow here at all. Elway is just being his honest self and saying what he believes. There is no violation of any rights going on by Elway and I think even Tebow would agree with that.

  2. jrmeller Says:

    First off, Elway is allowed to voice whatever opinion he may have of Tim Tebow, and as Vice President of the team he does know what is best for his team. Tim Tebow’s record is certainly one that cannot be ignored, but he is not the reason why the Broncos are 6-1 since he took over as the starting quarterback. Tebow’s numbers consistently have been dropping as each week has passed. The defense is willing Denver to victory week-in-week-out. Truth is if Elway believes Tebow is not the team’s long term solution at quarterback, then he’s probably not. Yes he’s been counted out by many before he’s even been given a chance, but his performance overall has only reassured his critics. Tebow has won games, which is something that shouldn’t be taken away from him. But Tebow is not an NFL quarterback and his success won’t last for long. Elway and John Fox (Tebow’s head coach) both see something in Tebow that shows he is not the future of the franchise, but for the mean time, he is what the fans want, and is what they will get until a permanent solution is found at the quarterback position.

  3. carweiss Says:

    In a recent interview conducted by Skip Bayless of ESPN with Tim Tebow, Tim reported that he was unaware of the comments made by his owner. As a professional athlete, one can only expect to have rude comments thrown in their faces and as the owner of an NFL team, it should come to no surprise that Elway feels the need to voice his opinion. He is only looking out for his team’s future and if he doesn’t see Tim Tebow in it, then so be it. Right now, Tim Tebow is on fire – whether he is a good quarterback is questionable, but he does know how to win games – and if Elway doesn’t see Tebow lasting, his options of where to go next aren’t limited. Elway has every right to tell the public what he thinks, and in fact, it could be seen as a warning to Tebow – he needs to improve as an OVERALL quarterback before he can have a future at any team. In no way is Elway violating Tebow’s rights, especially because Tebow is completely blind to these comments. If anything (and in normal situations in which players are aware of “trash-talk), the comments would serve as fuel for the player.

  4. ngamin1614 Says:

    Elway should be free to say whatever he wants. The dude is in an executive position at the Broncos, it’s his responsibility to make sure the team is performing at its best. What he said towards Tebow is quite harsh, I mean Tebow has led the team to 6 wins and only one loss (to the lions!!!). Tebow has been extremely successful, but let’s be honest, the guy does struggle to pass the ball, at least until the 4th quarter. Tebow does have one of the most important qualities for a quarterback though, leadership, and he’s a very good leader. In fact, his leadership is probably the reason why he’s been so successful. That and his solid play in the last quarter.

    Elway can say these things because as I said before, it’s his job to make the team as good as possible. Elway sees that Tebow may not be his franchise quarterback, and it might be true, let’s be honest, Tebow is not always gonna be able to win when he throws as badly and as little as he does. Another thing, knowing Tebow, this will probably motivate him, so who knows, it may have positive effects.

  5. JustinMandeltort Says:

    Elway is going to keep saying what he wants, regardless of the validity of the statements he makes. Yes, I disagree with his comments and believe that Tebow will be a great starting quarterback because he is a winner, but what do I know? It’s hard to argue the statements of a man who is beloved in Denver, won multiple super bowls and is in the hall of fame. His current position for the Denver Broncos front office is to make decisions like this, he needs to make sure Tebow is the right man before patting him on the back and giving him the keys to the city. Tebow is a winner, no one will argue against, he just needs more time to progress on the passing part of his game. No quarterback has won a super bowl who couldn’t make throws down the field. More time needs to be given before Elway can just go along with Tebow. I honestly believe eventually Tebow will show the whole package after some more development and be a good, starting quarterback. Though, Elway will continue to speak his mind, and I honestly believe that he has the right to do so in any manner he chooses to.

  6. ndreynolds864 Says:

    Elway has the right to say his quarterback is playing terrible but at the same time I don’t think he addresses the fact that he is a winner. Tebow is willing his team to victory and that is something the stats can’t show. People need to remember that Tebow is still only in his second year and should almost be considered a rookie still because he hardly played last year. Tebow could be a great NFL quarterback and his career should be a progression from game to game. His first few games he looked shaky at best but since then he started to look much more comfortable and the spotlight is getting taken off him and put more on the coaches and defensive which is working in favor for Tebow. He doesn’t have to focus on the media anymore he can focus on being a quarterback and learning and I look forward to seeing how his career progresses.

  7. scottmha Says:

    I believe Elway has the right to say whatever he would like. Not only because he is in a high position, but because he has been in Tebow’s situation before and succeeded. To me, Elway has extensive knowledge on the situation and he has earned the right to say as he pleases about quarterbacking in the NFL. I believe that Elway, was telling his honest opinion of his young quarterback and was hoping that it would serve as a source of motivation for his young quarterback. As if Tebow needed more motivation but that is a different story. I think that Elway should continue to voice his opinions, no matter how honest and how harsh they may be, and Tebow will continue to develop as a quarterback regardless of what Elway is saying. Hey there winning right?

  8. akmcoy Says:

    I tend to agree a lot with what has been said so far. First and foremost, I think Elway has every right to say what he’s said. Aside from your first reference, I don’t think anything he’s said has been too harsh. He’s simply answering questions honestly. He was asked if he was closer to finding his franchise quarterback, to which he replied ‘no’. In a “quarterback’s league”, it is vital to have a talented, skilled player at that position. While Tebow is 6-1 as a starter, it’s hard to say he’s been playing exceptional football. It’s not questioned whether the guy can win, because clearly he can. Unfortunately for him, that’s not all Elway wants from his quarterback. He wants someone who can win by playing the position as it has traditionally been played– with a player who can throw the ball better than he can run.

    Referring back to your point on Rawls though, I think that he would also say that Elway was okay with saying what he said. Elway’s comments don’t violate any of Tebow’s rights. He is a professional football player, and his boss has the right to voice his opinion on his players. Also, due to the amount of coverage given to Tim Tebow by ESPN, I’m confident in saying that all of this probably motivates him more. While this makes for a good debate, as ESPN has shown, I don’t think anything wrong has actually been done. While I don’t necessarily agree with what he said, I think Elway was well within his rights to voice his opinion… Even if it did undermine his starting quarterback.

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