Change, Obstacles, and Society’s Potential

December 12, 2011

Political Theory

Going off what my class has been talking about in discussion, does our generation have the power to change things that need change in our world? And if so, what needs to be done? For example, in my discussion we talked about the environment and saving the environment while also preventing more harm to be done. Does our generation have the potential to make a difference in this situation? Do everyday habits really make a difference?

If every time I leave my room I turn off the lights, that is affecting the environment slowly and preventing harm. However, the effects of this are not immediate gratification. By turning off a light I won’t automatically see a change. I think this is a problem within our society. Our society is so consumed with instantaneous results and live in a fast paced environment that they expect to see change immediately. This is one of the issues that come with our generation’s ability to change the world.

If I recycle everyday and get other people to recycle, but I am seeing no results what is the driving force that makes me want to recycle even more? Also since the results are so distant from the action how do we even know we are making an impact? Many times the little things we do everyday such as turn off the lights, don’t run the water while brushing your teeth, keeping the air conditioning on low, and recycling don’t have a huge effect on the environment. These little things impact our society lightly and are more of a way to no change our environment but to prevent any more harm from occurring.

In this case, how we make it so that our generation cares enough to make a change and not just do the everyday little tasks that prevent further damage? How do we get people to care because they cannot see how their actions are negatively or positively affecting our society? I think that by making children educated and informed at a young age will cause them to care more. This is a great way to get our society involved, because it is truly the young people who have the most potential and if from a young age if students know that they can make a difference they will be more willing to go and try to be the change they want to see in the world.

That quote holds so much truth because in reality, I think that our generation really has the potential to make a difference and to actually be the change they want to see in the world. However, our generation needs to get past how they want instant gratification and immediate response from their actions. They need to understand that what they are doing will take time to make progress and to take hold and really start to make a difference. They also need to realize young people have a voice and if from a young age they start caring they can influence the others around them and cause others to start wanting to get involved. Our generation needs to understand that what they are doing everyday is good and is preventing and prolonging the problem but something as simple as recycling is not the solution. Thinking of new ideas, being innovative, and pushing themselves can make change. So in the end, our society and generation have the potential to make big changes in the world but they need to over look the obstacles that are preventing them from taking a chance to make a change. But in reality nothing hurt from taking a chance, so just take a leap and maybe it won’t result in anything but in the slight chance it does, change can happen.



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2 Comments on “Change, Obstacles, and Society’s Potential”

  1. tyhughes2014 Says:

    Interesting take on things. I, however, disagree with your belief that out society today is less willing to cause change in the world because we cannot see the results instantly. I actually believe the increased speed of information and globalization of the planet has driven more individuals to take action and cause change in the world. The only reason why we may not yet think it is working is because we have not given our actions enough time.

    Before technology took off in the 1990s, many countries across the world remained isolated. Citizens on the US were less aware of the issues occurring around the world (obviously I am assuming this since I was not around before the 1990s). It has only been through the modern day information systems and globalization that individuals are more aware of issues occurring around the world. We as a society now have more access to images and videos of rain forests being destroyed, villages suffering from starvation, icebergs melting, etc. Individuals can also find a wide array of advocacy sites online and contribute through donations right from their homes.

    So while it may seem that individuals today are frustrated with the inability to see instantaneous change, I believe the increased number of individuals interested in causing change in the world offsets the frustrated bunch.

    And also, while we may not be seeing drastic change instantly from our actions, it may just be that we are slowing down things, not reversing them. We may not be reversing global warming, rather just slowing the progress. We may not be solving world hunger as a whole, just stopping it from spreading. This may not seem very rewarding, but in reality it is a good thing because people are still being benefited.

    In conclusion, I believe our society has huge potential to spur change in the world and that technology and the increased pace of the world will actually benefit this potential.

  2. mimirofl Says:

    I think raising awareness is a very prominent and important step when dealing with issues such as saving the environment. Like the author stated, we should increase awareness in the younger grades to the younger generation because they will be the ones that could be influenced to promote change in our nation in the future.
    I know that if I don’t get immediate results, I feel like I am doing something wrong and tend to get very upset. But with regards to environment issues, recycling and turning off the light does go a long way. It can be comparable to voting, one vote won’t affect an election, but if multiples on multiples of people vote, then that could change the outcome. If we keep spreading the word and everyone of us contributes in some way, then things could change.

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