Where is The Money Going?

December 13, 2011

Political Theory

The number of police officers killed in the line of duty in 2011 has greatly increased from 2010. Through the last 11 months, the National Law Enforcement’s Memorial Fund has reported that 166 deaths have already occurred. This has already surpassed the number of total police officers deaths in the line of duty in 2010, which were 146. This increase in officers’ deaths while on duty brings up many issues that have been put on the political back burner. The biggest attributer to the death toll is firearms.

It is a constitutional right for Americans to be able to have firearms. With growing deaths from firearms, is it time for the federal government to step in and make stricter gun control laws? Or, will this just open the door for the federal government to suppress other constitutional rights?

In addition to the issue of gun control, around 85% of law enforcement departments have reported huge budget cuts. Many believe that the new lack of resources is largely attributing to the spike in on duty deaths of police officers. Budget cuts are expected during times of economic turmoil throughout the country, but is the money the government is dishing out going to the right places?

Is it right for government to be awarding billions of dollars in bailouts to corporate America, as well as continuing to dish out billions for war efforts in the Middle East, while it seems that we are loosing the war on our own streets? It seems as if the officials that we have elected are more concerned with private interest groups  and our international positions rather then facing the problems we have at home. With the United states still in a very vulnerable economic position, unemployment is very high and many people feeling like there is no opportunity, it can be argued that we need funding for things like police as well as education more then anything else. Do you think that the Federal Government is using its resources in the wrong way? If so, where do you believe the resources and funding should be allocated?  



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4 Comments on “Where is The Money Going?”

  1. madelinedunn Says:

    I believe that the resources and funding should be allocated to creating a new educational system. It used to be that fact that if you went to school, got good grades and got a degree, you were basically guaranteed a job. That is not the case anymore. Students are expected now to achieve a graduate degree if they want a chance at any type of job security.
    I think that the system we have in place worked when it was first originated, however the world and types of jobs available are drastically changing and therefore the educational system must also be changed. This idea that standardized testing can be a good determiner of one’s intelligence is bogus. We need more than one way of testing people. Are there only left brained jobs available on the market? Of course not. So why do we only allow for tests that measure left brained abilities? Without our artists and entrepreneurs, we would not be living in the luxurious world that we are provided with today. Trade schools have been developed for a reason, and it is time that the educational system stems out to follow other ways of thinking that reach beyond the traditional realm.

  2. scottmha Says:

    I believe that the United States is distributing its resources unequally. Though, you have to keep in mind, no matter how they distribute these funds there will always be people gaining more than others or less than others. It seems close to impossible to create a new system that will distributes funds completely equally, one that will have no one complaining. But with that being said, I believe there is a more efficient was to allocate our funds.
    Our educational system that we have in place today is lacking, as Madeline mentioned above. If we spent more money, redefining our educational system, to create more equal opportunity for public school children across the country rather than feeding it to the corporate world, we would benefit greatly. Why throw more and more money at a war that has latest too long, with no real purpose (at this point), when we have problems of great magnitude in our own homeland? To me, it seems unreasonable that we would not invest more funds into an educational systems, because this should be our priority. If we allow our educational system to deteriorate, so that it is on the same levels as less modernized countries, than what advantage do we gain at this point from going to school in America? Not much at all, America would be allowing it’s self to lose a great competitive advantage it has over most countries.

  3. chkeeler Says:

    Although the United States is truly a wonderful country to live, there are obvious flaws within our government. We allocate funds to certain things that should be distributed otherwise. Obviously, the education system is the most important program that needs to be reformed in our country. It is a serious issue that we give more funding to higher income populations for their education system than we do to lower income communities. If we fix the education system, we fix many other issues in the process. Changing the educational culture within low-income territories will promote higher education to minorities, and thus allow them to escape poverty-stricken environments. This will lead to more economic opportunity for all, and a more educated nation.
    In regards to gun control, there needs to be more regulation from the government. The right to bear arms was initially created to prevent the military from taking over your home. Times have changed, and guns are now primarily used for different reasons. Some may argue that people kill people, not guns. But if guns were not so easily accessible, killing someone would be more difficult. One of the funniest, yet valid ideas about gun control came from Chris Rock. He stated if “bullets cost $4,000, people wouldn’t shoot each other.” Make guns harder to obtain, and strengthen laws that prohibit gun activity.

  4. mimirofl Says:

    The author brings up a great point, and I’d like to emphasize it further that America is spending billions of dollars trying to reform a nation in the middle east, but our nation is the one that needs to be fixed right now. The funds being used right now towards war efforts should be used for spending on education as many people have pointed out. Luckily, Obama announced that we will be withdrawing a majority of our troops out of Iraq by the end of the year. Gun control is something that our nation has to look at more carefully, if we look at the recent incident at Virginia tech– more people were injured and a cop was shot and killed. This is the second shooting at this school, so it is so scary to know and believe that there are more people like this out there that has this easy accessibility to weapons.

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