What? I mean…Who’s next?

December 14, 2011

Political action

As we all know history repeats itself and comes back in different forms. And maybe that is the reason we still learn about the ideas of Mill, Locke and others because even as what we do changes who we are doesnt. My question that I wanted to ask anyone that may happen to be reading this is not what but who’s next in the next rights movement? Every decade or so there is a movement, a huge movement that changes the world from what it once was and doesn’t look back again until what once was is only an ugly memory. The oppressed have been fighting for their rights since the beginning of time. Heck, the United States was founded on the people tired of  The Man and unfairness.

The Civil rights movement took a long time but it finally made its mark. The women’s rights movement came in and changed the way a woman is looked at and treated. But what? I mean…who’s next?

Right now in the United States we have two semi-major movements colliding for the publics attention. First, there is the Gay Right’s Movement which has died out in recent years after a huge uprising and will be sure to show its face again. And then there’s the Occupy Wall Street Movement that is in the limbo between going no where fast and going somewhere slowly but surely. The Gay Rights Movement has had a lot of things changed in the country that they fought tooth and nail for without taking no for an answer. But it almost seems as fast as they came they were gone with gay marriage in some states but not all. I’m not an expert but it seems to me that the gay pride parades grew old and the media grew tired. While more recently with the Occupy Wall Street Movement there have been many, many, many things pointed out by its members wrong with the government and how they operate there has yet to be  anything done about it (other than getting beat up). I would like for something to happen with this movement, but a lot of people still don’t even know who the “99%” really are and what they specifically want to do. Maybe a political reform of some type would put them on the map, but it seems as if right now their flame is flickering while in the juvenile stage.

So what do you think? Will the Gay Rights Movement make a comeback or has it already done its job? Does Occupy Wall Street have enough left in the tank to make a final charge for change? Or Maybe you can answer me this. Who’s next in line for sociopolitical change?



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