December 15, 2011

Political Theory

The effects of violence on a teenager, and the connection between foster care and juveniles are real. I believe that violence is a strong risk factor that may lead a young person to delinquency. Most of the delinquents come from some form of abuse. If a child or teen is getting abused, they will want a way to have the upper hand in other situation, hence they become the bully. Or if peers are abusing a child or teen they will eventually want to retaliate involving violence, leading them towards delinquency. Some kids are pushed into delinquency, it may be the only way they can stop getting abuse or have some power in their life.

In our world, thousands of children get lost in the foster care system. They go from home to home, never really having a home to call their own. In many of these foster care homes, those kids are not being watched, and they have ample time to get in anything. So, of course if these kids do not have any family, no money, no adult watching them, they are going to get into some delinquent acts because that is the most convenient. And when they get caught, many of their foster home do not even realize they are missing. So, these juveniles are getting pushed through them system with no clue, no one to make sure they do not get injustice. So, it is high priority for the community to make sure these kids are protected. The community needs to make sure these foster care homes are doing what they are suppose to for these children and not just collecting checks from the state. The community needs to make sure that these kids have proper supervision and have a proper place to live, because when they do not have these things they are out in the street and that is were the trouble happens.

To help prevent them from having a higher rate of juvenile delinquency we can make sure they are living in suitable condition. We can provide these children with an outlet for their anger. Have programs that provide information on how to deal with abuse and violence.

I have always known that foster care children and the criminal justice system come into contact at some point. This is because many of the foster homes these children are in are not suitable. So, these kids are always running away. If these children do not have a home to go to, do not have a school to go, do not have family, sometimes no friends, what are they suppose to do. The system is sometimes leading these children into delinquency. To prevent the foster children from getting into trouble the community could maybe provide each child with a mentor, that they can talk with about anything, and can report to them any troubles in their life. They need to make sure these kids are going to school and are involved in at least one extra curriculum activity, by producing some kind of (real) proof. Nothing really shocked me about the juvenile delinquency because I live in a city were this is at a high rate. And I have gone to school with kids like these kids.

The idea that many foster care children only show up to court with an attorney, and not with family member is sad. This shows that many of these kids do not have anyone really caring about them. These kids do not really have someone looking after them. These kids are just being tossed into another system that is not made to help them. These foster children lives are not getting help. The foster children never really get a home, never really get a family and they never really get to be a child. Foster children not only have to deal with the troubles of being a teen, they also have a million other obstacles to get through. I feel foster children live a bad home to go to another bad home. Some foster children are fortunate to get a group home that actually cares for them or being adopted by a loving family, but considering the amount of foster care children not a lot are this fortunate.

Many delinquents are a product of their environment. So, if you are put in a bad environment, it is much easier to fall down the wrong path, than to push through your struggles. What do you think can be done to help these children. Do you believe that it is the community job to help these children or to prevent these things from happening to them? What political theroist do you believe would agree with the community helping and not agree?



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