Shocked by Lower

March 14, 2013

Political Theory

In section, we read an article that described the actions of Nazi women in another article by Lower. The rest of the class seemed to be surprised, but I was in awe at how shocking the actions were. Here’s why.


In the assigned Bock reading, Bock showed that the women suffered horribly from the antinatalism concept that the German government employed. After all, they were the most affected by this considering that they were the ones getting sterilized. Additionally, in all history classes I have taken the woman in Germany during the second World War did appear to be innocent, especially those of Jewish descent. It was the male officers of the Nazis that did all of the horrible things.


Then Lower described the actions and tendencies of women in Nazi Germany. The first stat was surprising, but mild. 1 to 2 percent of the Nazi occupation in concentration camps was encompassed of women, but around genocidal areas, a women seemed to be very near. It was the following two stories that I felt like we should have ended class with. The sort of jaw dropping story like Hank Gathers’ death on the basketball court, we should have called it a day. One woman brought in six Jewish children and fed them. Just as expected. She then led them to the forest and shot them in the head, one by one. What?! That might be worse than this sort of mentally ill Andrea Yates type story that is only seen on episodes of Criminal Minds (As I mentioned in class). With my experience with women and especially with the known history of women roles in societies I did not think a woman was capable of such a horrific doing (not in the sort of sexist, I don’t think she is physically strong enough sort of way).


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