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Pre-Gaming with Putnam

December 6, 2011


Having come off of the college football season I’m sure many of you have participated in the time honored Midwest/Southern tradition of tailgating. For the few of you who don’t know what tailgating is, it is a party before any major sporting event. Sometimes tailgates happen in the open backs of pick-ups, other times they […]

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College Football: An Exploration Into Ineqaulity

December 2, 2011


After the 1900’s and before 1998 college football resembled the golden age in Rousseau’s state of nature. To call this era of college football the “happiest and most stable of epochs”, as Rousseau did when defining the golden age, would not be unwarranted.  In this era college football had progressed past its infantile and savage […]

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On a less serious note… Welcome to Mario Kart!

November 5, 2011


Last Wednesday night, I played Mario Kart 64. For those of you who do not know Mario Kart 64 is a cornerstone of most 90’s children’s childhood. It was certainly apart of mine, and while I am by no means a video game junkie (as our professors wife seems to be) I do enjoy playing […]

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