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Homeland- A Combination of Terrorism and Dirty Hands

December 14, 2011

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You’re in the midst of a red threat level- the most dangerous terror alert. A terrorist is on the run. He is an expert sniper and was once a U.S soldier. You are a veteran agent in the CIA. One of your most insightful and meticulous analysts, Carrie, has been injured in an explosion; known […]

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Global Warming: But Whose Complaining?

December 7, 2011


DISCLAIMER BEFORE READING: I am in no means supporting the negative effects of global warming, simply touching base on a minority view point. Also it is known that global warming increases extreme weather, but the overall effect of global warming results in an increase in average global temperature, especially in colder climates. This basis will […]

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How Do We Decide The Sports We Play?

November 5, 2011


What decides what sports we play when were young? How do we know what sports we are truly best suited to play?  Does our culture upbringing affect what sports we are allowed to play? By examining the differences between inner city kids and suburban kids we see a clear difference. In wealthier towns, sports like […]

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